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July 25, 2017 @ 8:37 am

Series 1: Episode 5 | Morning Anxiety - why me, why you what to do & not do

Do you find yourself wide-awake and wired at 5am?

Early morning anxiety is an extremely common form of anxiety that leaves most of us wide awake in the early hours of the morning, struggling to switch off and get back to sleep. In this podcast, I discuss why this phenomenon occurs and what you can do to combat this unwanted wake-up call.

Early morning anxiety seems to be a sadly common phenomenon, given the questions I receive, personal experience of family and friends and the amount of internet searches with this title.

It is not easy to explain why it happens since there seem to be many contributing factors but listed below are some possible reasons and tips which may help:

Generally when people wake with early morning panic, they have already been experiencing stress and anxiety throughout the day.

On waking, the body tenses and jumps into ‘fight or flight’ at the memory and thought of another stress filled day ahead. Thus a bout of negative thinking ensues before the day has even begun and a repeating cycle of early morning dread is created. If you would like to recieve a PDF version of the self-help methods mentioned in this episode, email me at enquiry@balancepsychologies.com

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