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July 11, 2017 @ 10:25 am

Series 1: Episode 4 | Fear of being judged by others

It is a sad truth that we spend a lot of time seriously concerned about what other people think of us and our actions. Our fear is being judged by others and this plays a huge part in our interactions with the world on a daily basis. Something that I wish I had known growing up is that people will ALWAYS judge you, so you may as well do what you want (within reason).

This episode documents the fears or preconceptions that you may have about yourself and the way that you conduct yourself. You know, nobody gets through life by never getting judged. But the thing is, it is only somebody else's idea of how you should 'be', act or talk. So it really is about what somebody else thinks about you that they are projecting their knowledge or opinion on you. People are an accumulation of experiences and that is what is being projected onto you! Its up to you whether you chose to listen to it, take it board or disregard it.

In this episode I talk about how you can get over your fear of being judged by loving yourself without judgement. Listen to the full episode here.

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